Reference Case

Arla Enhances Skills with Robot Training

From Challenge to Confident Handling

In the heart of Sweden’s rural idyll in Götene lies one of Arla Foods AB’s dairies, a producer of dairy products as traditional as it is innovative. With a modern production that includes robots, there are also challenges in handling these robots. Arla’s operators faced a technical barrier – unfamiliarity with the advanced robots central to their work. When production interruptions occurred, uncertainty about the robots was a source of extended downtime and frustration.

Technical Confidence and Handling in Focus

It was not just about handling the robots – it was about understanding them. “We need to train the operators so they feel confident handling them,” explains Johan Brehmer, training manager at EA Academy at Elektroautomatik. “It’s a journey from uncertainty to complete control.”

A Tailored Solution from Elektroautomatik

Elektroautomatik, with its passion for automation and sustainability, saw an opportunity to turn Arla’s challenges into success. Through a customized robot course focused on handling, operators would not only learn to handle the robots – they would also understand them. “It’s about building a bridge between man and machine,” says Johan Brehmer.

Transformation Through Education

The results spoke for themselves. Operators at Arla Foods AB not only had the chance to refine their robotics skills – they also gained a deeper understanding of the robots’ structure and programming. “The course has definitely met my expectations,” says Monthep, one of the operators. “Now I can handle many of the problems that arise on my own.”

Eleonor, who works as a supervisor at Arla, shares Monthep’s enthusiasm. “We have gained a much better overall view of handling with the robots,” she explains. “And even though we won’t be programming daily, the course has given us the tools to become more self-reliant.”

A Step Forward for Arla Foods AB

With newfound knowledge and confidence, Arla Foods AB is now taking a big step forward in its production. The operators are no longer just users of the technology – they can control it. And in a world where time is as valuable as the product they produce, Elektroautomatik has shown that the right training not only changes workflows but also strengthens production efficiency.

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