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At Elektroautomatik, we supply, along with our leading industrial partners, complete, or parts of, robot systems. Depending on the functions you need, there are many different robots commercially available. Ranging from small light collaborative robots up to heavy-duty industrial robots for the automotive industry. Contact us, so we can discuss the needs you have in your company.

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We have many years’ experience of creating high-tech solutions for robot automation, where the robot is usually the central part of the project. When we have chosen together a suitable robot system, we connect it to a control system, customised tools and the special machines that are needed in order to provide you with a complete robot cell with maximum output. Thanks to our service department, EA Service, we also assist with service, spare parts and updates for your robot system. Our partners for robot systems are:

  • ABB Robotics
  • KUKA Robotics
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