Reference Case

Efficient production and better ergonomics with AGV systems

Challenges in Production and Logistics

Our client in the automotive industry faced a significant challenge with the investment in a new factory building to consolidate the production of gearbox variants. To ensure future production capacity and streamline logistics, they needed a solution that not only saved space but also improved ergonomics and automated non-value-adding transports. Alternative solutions such as conveyor systems or manual transport would have required larger spaces, led to worse ergonomic conditions, and increased staffing needs.

The Need for an Innovative Solution

Without this type of investment, achieving the intended production capacity would not have been possible. Manual handling of materials and products would result in higher costs and inefficiencies, while also compromising the work environment. It was necessary to find a solution that could meet the client’s high demands for availability, safety, and ergonomics.

Elektroautomatik Delivers Customized AGV Systems

Elektroautomatik, through the business area Mobile Robotics, developed and delivered customized AGV systems (automated guided vehicles) that could be put into operation immediately after installation. These systems consisted of over 100 AGVs that served as work and assembly stations, transported gearboxes between different assembly stations, and managed material flows between pre-assembly and main assembly lines. Thanks to this solution, the client could optimize space efficiency, ensure high availability, and improve the working environment for their employees.

Testkörning av AGV-system från Elektroautomatik som transporterar komponenter vilket förbättrar produktionseffektiviteten och ergonomin för anställda.

Successful Outcome Despite Challenges

The project resulted in the successful installation and commissioning of over 100 AGVs within a short installation window during the summer vacation of 2023. Despite challenges such as long lead times for materials and components, Elektroautomatik managed to deliver a solution that met the client’s requirements and expectations. The client chose Elektroautomatik based on previous successful projects and the good relationship between the parties, as well as Elektroautomatik’s ability to understand and meet the client’s specific needs through customized solutions.

Improved Efficiency and Work Environment

Through the implementation of the AGV systems, our client in the automotive industry has not only secured their production for future needs but also optimized material logistics and improved the work environment. This project demonstrates how innovative and customized solutions can overcome significant challenges and deliver real value to the client.

Coverage by Västmanlands Television: The T3 Factory in Köping in Full Production (swedish)

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