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About Us

Elektroautomatik is Sweden’s largest automation integrator. We are a turnkey supplier in the field of automation and we have great competence in all areas, from idea to end production. In addition to automation we can also offer our customers AGVs, machines, service, consultants and training through our departments EA Mobile Robotics, EA Machine, EA Service, EA Consultant and EA Academy.

+46 31-720 73 00

New opportunities with new technology

A while back, we started on a very exciting journey on which we are working intensively to develop Elektroautomatik to be a leader also in the new virtual and digital tools.

Elektroautomatik’s goals are to increase the efficiency and quality assure the customers’ production and logistics by means of smart intelligent solutions. We have great competence and a committed team that delivers.

Our offices

Our main office is located on Hisingen, in Gothenburg, Sweden. We moved into our new, larger, premises in the spring of 2013. The move brought many opportunities, since we can quality assure the production in our own machine hall before delivery.

In Skövde, we have been located in the Skaraborgska soil since the middle of the 1960s and, today, we have a mix of employees with long experience and a gang of rather younger employees.

  • Kärrlyckegatan 20 B, SE-418 78 Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Norra Aspelundsvägen 9, SE-541 34 Skövde
  • Kungsgatan 4, SE-736 36 Kungsör

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