Reference Case

Lower energy cost with the help of Elektroautomatik

With the help of a conversion of the existing ventilation unit, Elektroautomatik helped to reduce the operating costs for one of its customers. The result has a pay-off of less than one year. Moreover, as an additional value, the operator obtains a better work environment thanks to the improved airflow on the premises.


Has been involved in three conversions

The premises were built at the end of the ’80s and improved later as needed. During 2014, work started on converting all the ventilation systems to reduce the premises’ energy consumption. The work comprises providing the existing supply and extract air systems with frequency controlled speed regulation.

Since 2014, Elektroautomatik has been involved during three conversions, of which the most recent was done during the summer of 2016. On this occasion, Elektroautomatik rebuilt 14 ventilation units. During the winter and spring of 2017, a fourth conversion in the same project series will be done.

– With a pay-off of less than one year, it would be stupid not to convert the ventilation system, the customer’s responsible project manager says.

“Elektroautomatik already had our full confidence and during the procurement they could offer, moreover, the right job for the right price.”

A well-known supplier

Prior to the first replacement in 2014, Elektroautomatik was already a well-known supplier.

– Elektroautomatik already had our full confidence and during the procurement they could offer, moreover, the right job for the right price,” the customer says. A great deal of personal chemistry is involved and it is reassuring for us to know that our suppliers have the right competence.

Replacement without stop in production

– The work is carried out without any stop in production, says Johan Jansson, Installation Manager and responsible from Elektroautomatik’s side. However, for the production to be disrupted as little as possible, we close down and rebuild one unit at a time.

– To succeed with a conversion during production requires close cooperation between us and Elektroautomatik, which carries out the work, the customer says. The units should not be switched off more than necessary, so we both have to be well prepared when it is finally time. Both of the conversions have worked very well and it is very valuable for us that we do not need to plan for time during evenings, nights and weekends.

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