Reference Case

New automated AGV system for a world leading manufacturer of industrial equipment

EA Mobile Robotics has supplied a customer with a flexible and fully automated AGV system. The result is more efficient production, with time and cost reductions.

The customer that is world leading in its field runs a large production facility, where quality and high productivity are key values.

Previously, operators had to drive products manually to and from each assembly station. The new automated AGV system has now replaced this process. Since each AGV is equipped with a vertically adjustable assembly platform, the AGVs also double up as practical workstations for the assembly crew.

–  The solution offers the customer a much more efficient production stage. What is more, less manual handling and adjustable workstations provide the client with great ergonomic gains, says Martin Bratt, production manager EA Mobile Robotic.

High safety standards

The customer’s production area houses a lot of manual trucks, unmanned logistics trains, and plenty of staff. To maintain a high level of safety, the AGVs are equipped with blue spots, laser scanners, flashing lights, and audible alarms. blue spots project a strong blue light on the floor in the AGV’s path to warn people walking or driving in the vicinity of its intended route.

– A high level of safety is always an important aspect of our projects and it’s not something we ever compromise on. After all, these AGVs have a top speed of 60 m/min, says Martin.

Efficient monitoring using Andon

The delivery also included EA Mobile Robotics’ production planning system with Andon functionality. Through the Andon system, production technicians can define and monitor AGV production rates and work schedules. Andon is also an efficient tool for identifying and reporting losses within the production system.


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