Reference Case

Self-charging AGVs to Scania’s factories in Sweden and Brazil

EA Mobile Robotics has supplied Scania with a flexible AGV system that recharges continuously. The system, which contains 76 AGVs, was delivered to Scania’s engine factories in Sweden and Brazil.

When Scania developed a new product line and needed to construct a new assembly line, they chose to replace the fixed monorail track with AGVs. EA Mobile Robotics landed the order which included a total of 76 AGVs, for both Scania’s factory in Sweden and Brazil.

Unique for this solution is that the installed AGV type is a hybrid model which can be automatically charged during the assembly sequence through an induction line in the floor.

–  AGVs are charged whenever they stand on the line, which makes recharging much more efficient than using the typical charging plate method, says Carolin Almström, lead project manager at EA Mobile Robotics.

A moveable and expandable flexible solution

The solution also offered Scania a lot of flexibility, both in terms of ergonomic adaptation and possibility to expand the system. It is possible to adapt individual workstations by adjusting both the height and angle based on the elements for assembly, which means that the assembly process can be tailored all the way down to operator level.

– It’s very easy to change and expand this kind of system. If the customer wishes to move the facility, it’s not a problem. A new charging line can easily be installed in the floor at the new facility and the AGVs can be moved within days, continues Carolin.

EA Mobile Robotics delivered a complete solution. The concept included a track system and a robotic cell that uncouples Scania’s new product from adjacent equipment and docks it automatically to the AGV.

The AGV system was delivered to Scania in Sweden late 2020 and in Brazil early 2021.

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