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Palletising and depalletising

At Elektroautomatik, we help you to optimise your flow efficiently and safely. With automated palletising, or depalletizing, you can reduce the number of staff involved in handling and increase the utilisation of your production equipment. Whatever your needs, we will find a solution.

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For a more efficient flow

In most operations, both palletising and depalletizing of pallets is a time consuming and ergonomic challenge. There are also strict requirements that the products are palletised according to instructions so they can be handled in the receiving flow.

Should you have a packing station, a palletising robot or a picking robot in your operations? Each product type has different characteristics and requires different types of handling. Together, we go through your operations to find the way that best optimises your process.

  • A picking robot gives improved ergonomics for the staff
  • Unloading by robot gives you a more efficient flow
  • Packing by robot gives you safe palletising
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