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Robot simulation

With robot simulation, you can program and test your robot virtually already in the project’s early phases. This means that you can test the tasks the robot will perform virtually, before you even have the physical robot in place. First and foremost, the gains comes from the savings in time and costs provided by robot simulation. Contact us and we’ll talk about how we can help you.

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Elektroautomatik works with industry leading simulation tools

Depending on the supplier we decide together to work with, we have the knowledge at Elektroautomatik to work with most different types of simulation tool.

Below follow some of the tools we use.

  • ABB RobotStudio
  • Siemens Plant Simulation
  • Siemens Process Simulate
  • Siemens Simit
  • Siemens PLCSim Advanced
  • Siemens WinCC Flexible

Learn robot simulation in RobotStudio

Would you like to learn more about robot simulation and how you can use it in your plant? Via our training unit, EA Academy, we provide courses in RobotStudio. Depending on the nature of your needs, you can choose between our standard course or a customised course for you and your colleagues. Contact us, and we can talk about the arrangement that best suits you.

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