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Virtual Commissioning

With Virtual Commissioning, we can offer to test your equipment virtually. Many savings in time and cost can be made by making adjustments before the plant is constructed in reality. Do not hesitate to contact us, so we can discuss with you how we could perform Virtual Commissioning in your particular project.

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What is Virtual Commissioning?

Virtual Commissioning has many values that are now growing strongly on the market. But, what is it really?

Virtual Commissioning is as it says, virtual start-up. All parts of the project, such as programming, electrical and mechanical, interact in a simulation model run in a 3D environment. In this, you can run and test the equipment is the same way as if you had done it during commissioning in reality. In other words, cycle times and quality tests can be done as early as this stage. To lift Virtual Commissioning to yet another level, the simulation model can be connected to VR headsets. You can then walk around the equipment and get a feel for the real spaces.

The aim of using Virtual Commissioning in an automation project are to:

  • Shorten lead times
  • Minimise the risks during the real commissioning
  • Obtain better quality for the final delivery
  • Obtain better economy in the project

Short lead times with Virtual Commissioning

Would you also like to test your automation solution before it is built into your production? Along with a customer, Elektroautomatik has carried out a virtual commissioning. The outcome was reduced start-up risks and a shorter, real, commissioning period. Listen to Martin and Samuel describe the project and the value of using Virtual Commissioning.

”"Virtual commissioning means that both we and the customer can test and experience the equipment at a much earlier stage than we would otherwise been able to do."”

Samuel Lindholm, technical lead at Elektroautomatik in Skovde

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